Thursday, July 31, 2014

See Jungle! See Jungle!

One more, while I'm at it. I greatly enjoyed Jungle's last single, Busy Earnin', and their newie, Time, is even better. 

Kiss FM

Also rather good is this newie from Sheffield's Slow Club. I'm not entirely sure the video suits the song, but there's no denying that The Pieces is a pretty fine choon, and, if there were any justice in the world, it'd be a summer no. 1 hit.  Incidentally, there isn't and it won't be.

True Mathematics

As I cocked an ear to the radio the other day I thought to myself "What a lovely female voice. I wonder who it is?"

It turned out to be the (decidedly male) Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, guesting on Sbtrkt's new release. And rather good it is too. Entitled New Dorp, New York, I was going to put it in contention for this year's Worst Title award, until I discovered that there actually is a place called New Dorp in New York. Every day's a school day.