Friday, November 29, 2013

Around the Horn

I'm extremely gratified to see the revival of one of my favourite blogs of the year, The Art of ZTT, which burst into life in January with an avowed mission to document the photography and graphic design around one of the seminal record labels of the last 30 years, but which seemingly petered out in March almost as soon as it had begun. Happily it's back, with a batch of recent postings including an interview with the illustrator of the Relax cover.  Its a terrific-looking blog, almost as good-looking as the work of the illustrators, designers and photographers it documents, notably XLZTT, Accident, John Stoddart, A.J.Barratt and others.  It's also terrifically well-informed and researched, and, if nothing else, serves as a salutary reminder that while Peter Saville, Mark Farrow, Malcolm Garrett and others may have garnered the most headlines in Design Week, there was plenty of innovative and eye-catching work going on elsewhere.