Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cherry Coloured Funk

Also great. Available on Toddla T's new album on Ninja Tune:

Incidentally, both Mute (who released the S.C.U.M. single below) as well as Domino, Wall of Sound, 4AD, Thrill Jockey, Warp, Southern Fried and countless other labels whose artists have been mentioned on Irk The Purists) were badly affected by the arson attack on Sony/PIAS's warehouse in Enfield. You can help them continue by buying their products in digital or physical format. Man

I was wondering what Valerie Solanas was up to these days...Do you get the impression they may have heard a Ride LP or two?  Despite that, I'm really enjoying this.   Now you too can enjoy Amber Hands by S.C.U.M. Oh, and the single apparently features mixes by Sonic Boom and Silver Apples. Yes, the Silver Apples.

X Factor

He's been mentioned more than once here (most recently in January of this year), but Richard X really is value-for-money. His Black Melody site is always worth a look, and today it directed me to the below, which I'd never seen before.  It's hilarious, apparently the result of Kelis not being available for a TOTP appearance. Instead, viewers were treated to the Blackburn wunderkind rattling a cocktail shaker, and a load of rollerskaters.  The bit where he looks momentarily into the shaker, before pouring out the contents and then winking at the recipent, is improvisational comedy genius. And it bolsters Alexis Petridis' contention that "if Peter Kay scripted a show about a hip dance producer, you suspect that he would closely resemble Richard X."