Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 round-up coming soon

Apologies for anyone who has been waiting for the annual Xmas round up from all of us here at ITP (there may well be some, you never know).  However, normal service has been interrupted by a complete lack of home Internet access since December 21st. And we were just in the middle of watching the final of Junior Apprentice too. Nuts.
It's still not been turned back on, which is a clear violation of my 21st century human rights, and Ban Ki-Moon will be informed. An engineer is coming out tomorrow morning, so with luck I might just be able to post a little something before the end of 2012. But don't hold your breath. And screw Everything Everywhere.  They're shite.

In the meantime, from my comfy seat in an Internet cafe, here's Haim doing something festive originally by Adam Sandler.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Phil Space

I know mashups are so yesterday, but I was quite taken by this...

Blondie vs Philip Glass (The Daft Beatles)

Moore's Lore

Forget Cream, forget Blind Faith, forget The Power Station, forget Rocket Juice & The Moon... this is a supergroup.  From 1980-something, Wogan (introduced by Jonathan Ross) featuring Hugh Laurie, Phoebe Legere and the late, UKIP-supporting xylophonist Sir Patrick Moore.

While I can't be 100% sure of the year (and can't be bothered Googling it), I'm pretty sure it's circa 1987, as I remember seeing it at the time and being aware that Phoebe Legere had recently tinkled the ivories on that year's Dirtdish by Wiseblood, aka Clint Ruin, aka Jim Thirlwell.  You can hear more of her talents below.