Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RIP Cleotha Staples 1934-2013

Mounting excitement

Sir Edmund Hillary

In similar vein, I was astonished to see that former Skids frontman Richard Jobson had taken time out from directing low-budget (and rather good) Scottish flicks to become the first man to conquer Mount Everest some 60 years ago.  Good work.

Lookey Likeys



Have curmudgeonly comics supremo Alan Moore and only marginally less curmudgeonly record spinnage supremo Andrew Weatherall ever been seen in the same room together? Could they by any chance be related, etc.....

Grant Aided

This is so great, and despite being brand new would have been right at home on Trevor Jackson's Metal Dance ( see below).  It's not by any German metal bashers though; instead it's by a beardie American guy whose most recent offering before this one was recorded with Midlake.  Ladeez and gennelmen, Mr. John Grant.