Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thornton's Fudge

There were few revelations in the BBC's  documentary about Nile Rodgers on Friday night, but it's always entertaining to hear the man talking, and even better to hear others talking about him (and Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson).  And the sight of Johnny Marr on stage in Montreux jamming with what's left of Chic reminds one that for all Morrissey's considerable talents, you'd much prefer to spend time with Marr.  I mean, can you really picture Morrissey yucking it up with a disco group?

I say there were few revelations, but there was one, for me at least.  And that was that Fonzi Thornton, the backing singer (David Bowie, Luther Vandross, Diana Ross etc) that for 30 years of looking at credits on LP sleeves I had assumed was female (and Thornton often sang in the company of BJ Nelson and Tawatha Agee, who definitely are female), is actually a bloke.

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