Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Reich Stuff

A very enjoyable interview with Steve Reich here, conducted by the genial Alexis Petridis.   I always forget the fact, but it's salutary to be reminded that he and Philip Glass once ran a removal company.

On the subject of Reich anecdotes, I love the story that used to be told about The House of Love.  It's probably apocryphal; I really hope it isn't.  Apparently when Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers of the aforementioned combo were rising stars (c. 1988), they let on that they were big fans of Steve Reich.  Their manager got wind of this, and told them he could probably arrange for the duo to meet the great man.  Excited, they turned up at the agreed place at the agreed time hoping to be introduced to the serialist maestro.  In an atmosphere of hushed awe and reverence, their manager opened the door to allow the hapless pair to meet their hero, and in walked..... afternoon zoo radio "personality" and Weird Al-lookalike, Steve Wright.

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