Friday, April 27, 2007

Rankine full stop

Following on from the recent Associates post, here's a Bjork-approved insight into the making of Sulk, from the mouths of Alan Rankine and Mike Dempsey, as told to the incomparable Alexis Petridis.

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jude calvert-toulmin said...

thanks for this, irk. very interesting article and really well written (of course. it's the guardian.) i particularly like what bjork has to say about billy mackenzie:

"The Associates went there. They didn't edit their nature out of it. They had pagan qualities. I read a book about Billy MacKenzie, and it said that all the lyrics were composed in the moment, not written down, like a stream of consciousness. For Medulla, I thought about using Billy MacKenzie's voice, and his father sent me old multitracks, the original tapes, and I wanted to work on it, celebrating voices, maybe do a duet with him. But when it came to it, I was too sacred."