Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watts Going On

Just in case you thought I'd forgotten this blog's raison d'etre, here's some more music. The Watts Prophets. Born from the same political milieu as their contemporaries The Last Poets (though they're from the opposite coast of the US), these three guys make Public Enemy sound like The Nolan Sisters. The groups is still active, though they only cut two albums in their heyday. This is from their second, Rappin' Black In a White World. It's one of the less abrasive cuts on the album. According to the "genre" column of iTunes, this music is "Unclassifiable". Which makes it a must-listen in my book. You can see if you agree below.

Download Watch Out Black Folks by the Watts Prophets (mp3) (deleted Dec 2009- too late, folks!)

Buy Watts Prophets music

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