Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drawing A Blanc

If I've not been uploading mp3s at the rate to which you've become accustomed, it's because I'm glued to the latest series of The Restaurant. The series, in case you hadn't seen/can't see it, features Harry H. Corbett (see blog posts passim) presiding over a competition in which various couples compete for the opportunity to open a restaurant of their own, bankrolled by Blanc/Corbett, who presumably is using the extra funds he'll gain as a result of the free publicity this show gives his existing restaurants. Ain't life grand? Highlight of the series so far has been a couple of clueless Jemimas in the opening episode attempting to open a tin of coconut milk with a hammer and a carving knife (they were summarily barred from the competition in the interests of their own safety). And is it just me, or is Blanc's fellow judge Sarah Willingham the filthiest looking woman on TV?

I'm not convinced, either, that Barney, of ex-Army duo Barney & Badger, isn't actually A Certain Ratio's Jeremy Kerr moonlighting. Are they by any chance related? I think we should be told (etc., etc.)



Anonymous said...

See what you mean about Sarah W, "bad boy - in your box".
Try watching School for Saatchi, it'll either have you screaming at the tv or laughing hysterically. Also has judge worthy of a good wash.

Irk The Purists said...

Quite right. I agree with you (and myself) about Sarah W, tho' actually now I think about it, Claudia Winkelman (off of Strictly) looks dirtier. She probably isn't, but that heavy eye-liner hets me every time.

Re: School of Saatchi. Love it. Though isn't that judge Tracy Emin? How very dare you.

I also quite enjoyed the recent Starck Apprentice thingy Design For Life, ven though it was deeply flawed and unsatisfactory. Even Adam Buxton's voiceover couldn't save it.

Irk The Purists said...

Er, that's "gets me every time", not "hets me".