Saturday, April 04, 2009

Space Doubt

Strange news on Tuesday this week, announced on 6Music at 7.30pm, just as I was doing the washing-up. Marc Riley announced that Tommy Scott of late 90s scallies Space had popped his clogs at the tender age of 37. A great shame, as, while they were never going to change pop history, they were a competent observational pop combo, a little bit like a Liverpudlian Madness.

Searching the internet a few hours later revealed little about Scott's death. I only found one news story (at Gigwise), and the link was broken. Hmmmm.

All was revealed the next day (April 1st, though I think this was merely a coincidence); the whole thing was a hoax, perpetrated by an anonymous prankster. Tommy, very much live and well, expresses his displeasure here, though quite why how he connects the hoax with Hillsborough isn't really clear to this correspondent. One other thing eludes me; why was he reported to be 37, when according to Space's official site he's actually 40?

Anyhoo, to celebrate Tommy's Lazarus-like resurrection, here's a little clip of Space in their pomp.