Monday, March 30, 2009

Pop Will Eat Itself 2

And, as if to prove the point, in crash Keane.  Their new single sounds exactly like Ashes to Ashes in a blender at 56 rpm.  It's as if they'd taken the David Bowie original, chopped it into pieces, thrown the pieces in the air and then reassembled them.  I can almost imagine Tim Rice-Oxley (the guy with the none-more-rock 'n' roll name) grabbing Andre Previn by the lapels and grunting "I am playing the right notes....just not necessarily in the right order."


Karate Boogaloo said...

This one is a REALLY obvious rip off!

Irk The Purists said...

Yup. I forgot to mention that the chorus goes "You can do so much better than this." The words "hostage", "fortune" and "to" spring to mind.