Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gordon Bennett

May I draw your collective attention to the excellent blog maintained by Mr. William Bennett at Readers of a certain age and disposition may recall that William was the lynchpin of noiseniks Whitehouse from their inception to their recent demise.

Surprisingly, and despite the presence on his former group's albums of such charmingly-titled ditties as Ravensbruck, Lightning Struck My Dick and Rapeday, his blog doesn't dwell on his top 10 serial killers or necrophiliac fantasies. Instead, he'll wax lyrical on his old cat, his love of mango (not the Saturday Night Live character), airport security and his fondness for schmaltzy kids' movies. In other words, he's a fairly normal, eloquent and witty person with a pronounced libertarian streak. Which may come as a surprise to those who had Whitehouse tagged as fascist misanthropes.

He's now doing something called Afro Noise (Fela Kuti meets Squarepusher: check it here) as well as having an alter-ego, the Cornetto-scoffing DJ Bennetti, who regularly plays Italian disco in Edinburgh. He comes across as an extremely well-balanced and personable chap, something you wouldn't necessarily infer from Whitehouse's music. For any newbies to the finer points of the industrial noise scene, see below.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my neighbours on a saturday night - call da police.

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