Friday, February 22, 2008

Boon times

May I draw your attention to Justin Toland's exemplary and insightful history of the New Hormones label? It's here, and it's a salutary reminder that Manchester music didn't all revolve around Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton.

Buy New Hormones rereleases.

Linder Sterling at The Tate 2006

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Justin Toland said...

Thanks Andrew!

Regarding your question about my New Hormones mix, it is not available online (yet) I’m afraid. I know it’s a bit ‘old school’ to respect the copyright on music, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to post the music without permission from the artists. They are no longer going concerns, so they are not going to make the lost income back touring, as is the new music biz norm. Fyi, LTM Recordings is planning to release a compilation of New Hormones tracks later this year.