Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Round-up

We all know that those end of year lists are so predictable. But nevertheless...

The 2007 "I so would" award--Joss Stone

I know she's had a less than stellar year, with her mid-Atlantic accent and those pesky ex-managers (and you know it's bad when they're prepared to go on the record to slag you off), but even though I've possibly only heard ten minutes of Joss Stone in my life (and wasn't especially bowled over), she walked it. I mean, just look at her! Two words, as Howard Stern used to say. Hoo. Fah.
(Runners-up in the over-40s category--Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall)

The 2007 "Not Even With Yours" award
--Amy Winehouse

Christ, those teeth...

2007's "Surprisingly good" album award--Section 25 Part-Primitiv

Let's face it, these albums by reformed post-punk icons tend not to be very good, right? Well, the Cassidy brothers buck the trend by delivering something that's never less than credible, and at times damn near essential. The songs nod towards their "dirge-rock" beginnings, as well as their later electro phase. The late Jenny Cassidy makes a posthumous appearance too. Which is no bad thing. Buy it at LTM.

The 2007 Single Of The Year

A toss up between "Someone Great" (hey, it's good enough for Pitchfork) and "That's That" by Cass McCombs.

2007 "Sticking It To The Man" award--Radiohead for their on-line release of In Rainbows.

Also joint winner of the "most unperceptive media coverage" award. Much has been made of the fact that the album's average online selling price was less than three quid, as if the "set your own price" release had somehow backfired on the band (see here for example). I haven't seen mention anywhere of the fact that, even after overheads are taken into account, this is still way more per album than they would have seen out of releasing the album by the traditional route (say 13% of 90% of the retail price, according to Steve Albini). Of course, in a belts-and-braces style, the band are also releasing In Rainbows on CD this week.

2007 Album of the year

Again a toss-up. Possibly LCD's "Sound of Silver". Possibly Roisin Murphy's "Overpowered". What the hell, let's go with Roisin Murphy over James Murphy, if only 'cos she (probably) looks better in red latex gloves (see right). And here's track no. 5 from the aforementioned album. You lucky people!

Download Roisin Murphy Movie Star MP3
(deleted May 2008)

That's all folks. See you next year!


jude calvert-toulmin said...

hi irk, happy new year :)i hope you and your family have had a good one
another great blog entry, i'll read through all the links tomoz - the joss stone one is very interesting for a start...

Nigel said...

This purist is irked -- I read this blog for the LCD Soundsystem and Mick Hucknell bits, not your Joss Stone fantasies ;-)

All the best for 2008 mate

irkthepurists said...


Well, in that case, I've done my job! Though some would argue that Mick Hucknall and James Murphy shouldn't be seen in the same plae either. All bases will be covered here, from Steve Reich to The Spice Girls, from Stockhausen to Stock Aitken and Waterman. In fact, stay tuned for some SAW and Miles Davis (sadly, not at the same time--wouldn't that be something?).

Thanks for reading sir, and all the best to you and yours!

irkthepurists said...

@ Jude.

Back atcha! Hope 2008 is good for you and yours, and for your burgeoning literary career!