Friday, August 25, 2006

Careering Opportunities

Pil do "Careering" live. How cool is Keith Levene? As Annie Nightingale says, this is the most powerful performance ever on the Old Grey Whistle Test.

It sounds even better than it does on Metal Box. See it NOW.
The poster of this vid, digitronTV, has some other terrific vids on his youtube space; if you have a few hours spare, you could do worse than check 'em out. Some highlights are below:

The Clash On Broadway

A clip from The Fabulous Stains (Steve Jones/ Paul Cook/Ray Winstone/ Paul Simenon)

A fantastic clip from a documentary on dub (which one? any clues?)

A Certain Ratio in rehearsal

Sid James

Doug E Fresh

James Brown at the Rumble In The Jungle

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