Sunday, December 29, 2013

Two Sevens' Clash

While we're wallowing in nostalgia for 1977, and generally acting like the fictional letter-writer in Not The Nine O'Clock News who would gladly sell his house and all its contents to help the BBC, a quick plug for a great show I enjoyed on Boxing Day, This Is Radio Clash, presented by the three surviving members of the group.  No one will be surprised by their inclusion of tracks by Junior Murvin or Grandmaster Flash, but I, for one, was taken aback by Mick's selection of a very recent Prefab Sprout tune.  The stories were good, the banter flowed and their imitation of Bernie Rhodes was welcome.  It's a shame there wasn't five minutes given over to celebrity osteopath Terry Chimes, but you can't have everything.  You can listen here for a limited time.  

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