Thursday, August 01, 2013

Choir riot

Of necessity, Irk The Purists doesn't often make live appearances.  However anyone that wants to see your correspondent making a potential fool of himself should hotfoot it to this year's Edinburgh Festival. No, I haven't been asked to understudy Jerry Sadowitz or fluff Jimmy Carr.  Instead, I'm participating in the Complaints Choir along with approximately 40 other hardy souls.  You can read about the origins and history of this art-project here, but in essence it involves participants (no singing experience or talent required) giving voice to complaints both local and international in scope.  So in Edinburgh, ours include, but are not limited to, trams, dog mess, recycling bins and the phallocentric nature of western patriarchy.  The composers who have been appointed to knock these disparate ideas into some sort of shape are Daniel Padden and Peter Nicholson, both of whom have a background in improvisational and experimental music but don't let that put you off.  For the most part, it's very accessible with only a couple of pieces that are a bit Steve Reich. In fact, given that singing talent was not a requirement of joining its all a bit less Portsmouth Sinfonia than I was fearing, and at times is downright melodic.  Anyway, judge for yourselves, if you want to, on Rose St this Friday at 5.30 to 9pm.

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