Monday, January 09, 2012

There Is Nothing Like A Dame

Happy birthday David Bowie, 65 today (actually, yesterday now: I'm writing this on the stroke of midnight).

A fantastic blog, which, among other things, made me listen to Low in a completely new light. Extra points if you get the (double) meaning of the blog title: Pushing Ahead Of The Dame

And given that you've probably heard Starman, Life on Mars, Fame, Golden Years etc. ad nauseam, here's one of his lesser-known singles, but a particular fave of mine from the mid-90s, Jump They Say.  Notable for many reasons, not least his reunion with Nile Rodgers, the excellent trumpet of Lester Bowie (no relation) and the nod to Chris Marker's La Jetee in the video, it's also an oblique reference to his brother Terry, who inspired many of the Dame's songs (the Bewlay Brothers for example).

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