Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Am Curious Yellow

And talking of coming late to the table, I only just noticed yesterday when watching TOTP2  (27+ years after the event) that Holly Johnson was sporting a yellow handkerchief in his back pocket while performing Relax on the original Top of the Pops back in 1984, a few weeks prior to its infamous ban.

This is something that escaped my attention when I was a teenager.  It's clearly also something that escaped the attention of the Beeb at the time too, and if anyone had realised its meaning, it would have made the subsequent furore created by Mike Read look like a vicar's tea party.


ben said...

or a pea party.

ben said...

pee even.

Irk The Purists said...

Ha! Presumably a pea party would be connoted by a green hanky.