Friday, April 15, 2011

Vampire Weekend

I’m not a Goth. Or an Emo. I’m not into vampire fiction, and I’m not a teenager (even though I frequently act like one- it’s not an endearing trait). So I’d never heard Bat For Lashes and Beck’s collaboration Let’s Get Lost (which apparently appeared on the soundtrack of Twilight: Eclipse) until this morning, when I caught it on Shaun Keaveny’s breakfast radio show. But it is utterly fantastic; sparse, beautiful, full of yearning, not a note out of place. Funny how music can utterly transport you, even when you’re munching on a bowl of Shreddies. Thanks Shaun.

No, it’s seriously good. And the reason it was being played is that it’s being released on 7 inch vinyl as part of Record Store Day. Which is tomorrow. Please give generously.

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