Friday, January 28, 2011

Ferry Peculiar

I love the names of tribute bands. I don't rate tribute bands themselves but I love their names. No Way Sis, Pink Fraud, Lez Zeppelin, AC/DShe.... the best name on the circuit is undoubtedly the Pretend Pretenders. I remember a radio feature a few years ago (possibly on Radcliffe and Maconie) where listeners had to come up with names of invented tribute bands. The winner, and possibly the ne plus ultra of tribute band names, though they don't exist, was (Not) Was (Not Was).

I thought I might have trumped it the other day when I was idly musing about further possible band names for theoretical tribute bands. Serendipity, and thinking about internet proxy servers, led me to theorising my own tribute band. I'd call them Proxy Music. You see what I did there? Proxy Music. Ha! I'm a genius.

Well, bugger me, a quick Google search tells me that Proxy Music already exist, doing covers of Ladytron, Remake/Remodel and In Every Dream Home a Heartache to crowds of baying middle managers and wedding parties up and down the south-east of England. Good luck to them. Dammit.

Anyway, I still have other stage names up for grabs. If any butch female comedians with a penchant for tinned steak pies wants to call themselves Faye Bentos, please speak to my agent.

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