Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sound of Husik

Here at Irk The Purists Towers, we've had some success in flushing out our heroes (and heroines) that are currently languishing in the "Where Are They Now?" files. For instance, Todd Levin stuck his head above the parapet in response to this post. And Fiona Russell Powell got in touch as a result of this, and on subsequently meeting La Powell, I can happily report that she's as vivacious and waspish as ever.

So, let's try for third time lucky: Beaumont Hannant, where are you? I'll confess, I know very little about Mr. Hannant, save for what I can glean from and the like. But I also know that for about 18 to 24 months around 1995 he was one of the names to drop, and was as ubiquitous a remixer, producer and svengali as William Orbit. In fact, the comparison with William Orbit is entirely appropriate, because just as Orbit had his stable of collaborators, so did Hannant. In particular, Lida Husik occupied a similar position for Beaumont Hannant as Caroline Lavelle or Laurie Mayer (no, not this one) did for Orbit. He produced and remixed a number of records for her (more info on him and Husik here), and formed one half of production duo Outcast. But since 2000 or so, pretty much nothing. Where did he disappear to? What's he up to? I wish I knew, and I wish he'd get back to music because I used to love pretty much everything he did.

To jog memories (sort of like an audio Crimewatch), here's a couple of tracks featuring Hannant's skills, the first a bone-crunching, clang-heavy Bjork remix from 1996 or so, the second a rather lush Lida Husik track that Hannant produced for her album Faith In Space and which was remixed by one Mark Tibenham. Enjoy. And please remember: don't have nightmares, do sleep well.

Download Bjork Hyperballad (Over The Edge mix) mp3 (deleted Jan 2011)

Download Lida Husik The Planet's On (Syzygy) mp3 (deleted Jan 2011)

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