Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Khan Do

If you're quick (i.e. before Sunday evening 27th June), you can catch the ever-obliging Dave Pearce interviewing Morgan Khan, ex- (and now current) MD of StreetSounds, which, with its policy of compiling the best import 12 inches on to a single album retailing at a fiver every few months, played a huge part in widening tastes back in the day. That it also led to the demise of compilations on labels like K-Tel and Ronco is incidental. It's terrific stuff, and reminds you of what a central part these two played in the development of the electro, soul, R&B and "urban" (i.e. record company-speak for "black") music scenes in Britain. In fact, why hasn't Morgan Khan been knighted yet?

Dave himself comes in for some stick from scene purists, but ever since his show "Fresh Start To The Week" on Radio London, he's consistently championed new and emerging dance music. And he's on It Takes A Nation of Millions. So there. This article redresses the balance somewhat.

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