Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Deco

Just managed to listen to the new Section 25 long player, and very good it is, too. However, I was a little underwhelmed by the sleeve, which doesn't really fit with the music, and would, IMHO, be better suited to something by, say, Peter Skellern. Since the group's erstwhile designer Peter Saville has mined the catalogues of the Bauhaus designers, theImpressionists, the Futurists and various Dutch typographers for inspiration in the past, did someone from S25 say "Ah, I know which artistic movement hasn't been totally reamed yet: Art Deco! Yeah, let's go with that!"


AloysiusMunn said...

I think the sleeve works well: Fortunato Depero, Saville, and New Order's 'Procession' are all in there somewhere.

The artwork and the music are in juxtaposition, I reckon. On initial glance, the image looks like a film leader - which, when you take the second glance and see the Art Deco typeface, gives it a 30s 40s cinema vibe.

The music: playful, defiant, and with a real sense of poetry. L'Arte Du Math and Mirror proper spin my loaf anyway.

Duncan said...

for some reason i have the urge to watch poirot!

Irk The Purists said...

Poirot! Spot on!

AM, you're right about the film leader thing. And I lik Art Deco. I just can't see the connection with the music. But juxtaposition is OK by me.