Thursday, August 13, 2009

And our parents fought the punk wars for this?

A sign of the times. Or something like that. Kids today, etc. I was in a mid-range clothing store in Edinburgh yesterday (Reiss, if you must know), one of those stores that the pundits tell us will fail in the current recession while the providers of merchandise at either end of the price spectrum (Primark, Prada) will thrive. Anyhoo, the men's section was empty so I fell into small talk with the sales assistant. He was young, extremely good looking, and, naturally, well-dressed. That staff discount comes in handy, I imagine.

"So," says he, "have ye caught anything at the Festival yet?" I mumble something about Eva Hesse and Ben Dover. "Oh, and I'm going to see Malcolm McLaren next week," I offer.

"Ah, who's he, likesay?" comes the reply. "A comeedjun?"

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