Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ken Campbell R.I.P.
(December 10 1941 - August 31 2008)

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Anonymous said...

I worked on a Ken Campbell play called "You See the Thing is This" while at the Anna Scher Theatre in Islington. We ruined it - but Ken was nice about it. A member of the cast had smoked so much dope before he went on stage, that he left out four pages of text here and another three there. It was interesting. (grrr) Ken said, "I'm sure it was longer than that" - which might have been a subtle way of saying, "David - I know where you went wrong." I settled into my "shoot all dope-smokers, line them up and shoot them" fantasy. But didn't share it. Ken's play deserved better.
Anyway, he was great and had the patience of a saint with us. His reaction was gracious and his smile, luminous.
Ken Campbell 100% star.
Robin Brunskill