Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jive talking.

I've just returned from a foreign holiday, where I was privileged to hear, among other Euro-pop nonsense, a cover version of Jive Bunny and The Mixmasters' That's What I Like, which, as readers of a certain vintage may recall, consisted of hits by Chubby Checker, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chris Montez given the then-fashionable MARRS treatment (i.e. sampled, scratched, mixed and collaged).

The cover version was clearly played by a band (rather than sampling the original records); they even sang in cod-English with a Spanish accent. All of the stuttering bits of Jive Bunny's original were kept intact.

One question. Why?


Anonymous said...

Did ye no hear anything that you liked ya grumbler?

Irk The Purists said...

Well, you can't beat a day on the beach with My Bloody Valentine as your soundtrack. Sadly this was courtesy of an mp3 player rather than French radio.