Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Dan

Just wanted to draw attention to the excellent interview with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen on Radio 2 yesterday (you can listen again here for a week). The duo, the creative nucleus of Steely Dan for nigh on 35 years, regaled us with stories of hawking their songs around the Brill Building, of their love of jazz, and of the highs and lows of their songwriting partnership. In particular, they devote some time to discussing the track Show Biz Kids, which according to contended grizzled interviewer Johnnie Walker, could have been an international hit, save for one judiciously-placed expletive . The Super Furry Animals made this profanity-laden line the central sample of their 1996 non-hit (and tribute to Cardiff footballer Robin Friday) The Man Don't Give a Fuck. They're both first-rate choons, and guess what? They're presented here for you to compare and contrast.

Download Show Biz Kids by Steely Dan (deleted May 2008)

Download The Man Don't Give A Fuck by Super Furry Animals (deleted May 2008)

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