Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Auteur! Auteur!

Sorry: is it nearly February already? Well, the tax returns are out of the way, dissertations are on hold and blogging can resume.

A quick aside first of all. Our six-year-old is developing quite an interest in the tunes he hears on the radio (usually Radio 6, interspersed with Radio 2, with the occasional foray into the XFM Scotland playlists). He particularly likes The Automatic, though, and has shown approval of The Zutons among others.

A couple of days ago, a song played on the radio in our kitchen. The six-year-old piped up: "Hey, they played this at Time Twisters [a curious, Egyptian-themed children's party venue, where he'd been recently for a friend's birthday]!"

As the song in question was Lenny Valentino by The (notoriously misanthropic) Auteurs, this was doubtful. However, because he has a keen ear (he recently identified Morrissey's new single because it sounded like You Have Killed Me, a previous Moz effort), it can't entirely be ruled out, either.

"Really?" I enquired, not quite believing him. "This is an old group called the Auteurs.."

He returned to colouring in his Power Ranger picture. But a minute later, sotto voce, declared to no one in particular, "I love The Auteurs..."

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jude calvert-toulmin said...

OWWWWW! youve got a little boy, how sweet :)

yeah, get them interested in music early, irk :)