Saturday, December 02, 2006

Faithless- Bombs

This is a fantastic song, all the better for its lack of bombast, and even though the video's "message" is a little bit like Soviet propaganda, it's still very moving. Apparently, it's the work of Howard Greenhalgh, who used to make lots of Cocteau Twins vids. That's all.


wmulraney said...

Strange, I hate the po faced outfit called Faithless. I think all their records sound like they would not even grace a Stereo MCs 'B' side and I find their 'lyrics' reminiscent of sixth form poetry at it's most lame.

The Doors however, created some classic moods on their records from the melancholy 'Riders on The Storm' to the sexual frenzy of 'Love Me Two Times'.
Jim Morrison has a great flawed crooners' voice. Maybe I just like disagreeing with you ya mad ginger!

irkthepurists said...

Hey, I'm strawberry blond! Sorry I missed you on Saturday, man; I was going to bring you that Julian Schnabel CD.

You are, of course, quite correct, that Faithless are lyrically simplistic, politically naive, public school chancers, and I previously haven't given two hoots about them. But despite this, I just think that Bombs is a great song. And I can't explain it. Some things just bypass the brain and go straight to the heart. I'm also particularly affected by The New Radicals' "You Get What You Give". It's big, it's dumb, and disdained by all right-thinking hipsters. But it just gets me right there, y'know. I may well post it here soon, and I fully expect you to disagree with me, mate.

Hey, and while we're on the subject, what's wrong with The Stereo MCs? Apart from their attitude to work, of course... I think "33:45:78" is a great album.

As to The Doors, they do have their moments (20th Century Fox, e.g.) but I can't get past Morrison's cod-mystical mumbo-jumbo... on balance, I'm with Lou Reed on this one. I presume, though, we're in agreement over Sir William Burroughs?

Anyway, sir, you are a mensch for putting your head above the parapet.