Monday, July 10, 2006

More band names

Can I just say that Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly is a terrific band name, but one which misleads me as to the nature of their (his) music? Rather than guitary singer-songwriter stuff, you'd expect some clattering, full-on Sesame Street noise, a bit like The Go Team, no? Feel free to disagree.


jon manyjars said...

I still can't get used to band names that are phrases, full sentences or directives that require awkward acronyms, like CYHSY. But yeah, it's an amusing band name. My favorite album title recently was "Underachievers Please Try Harder", but I haven't heard the record.

irkthepurists said...

How about that infuriating band chk-chk-chk, or !!!

I agree that the Camera Obscura title is fanatastic, and the music very nearly lives up to the fabulousness of the CD name. I'll post some of their choons in the near future.

By the by, "You Hurt Me...But Now Your Flesh Lays Rotting in Hell" by the terminally obscure Shark Vegas never fails to raise a smile, title-wise.