Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scott of the Anarchic

Annoyingly, my filesharing service is undergoing some restructuring at the moment, and files of more than 2MB can't be uploaded. Grrrr. However, I haven't been completely wasting my time recently. No, I haven't got around to regrouting the bathroom. Instead, I've been whiling away many a hapy hour at YouTube, along with millions of other sleep-deprived netizens (some 6 million within only 5 months, according to this report).

Pick of the bunch so far, and quite timely given the current adulation given to The Drift, has to be this Scott Walker appearance from The Tube from 1986. Scott gamely answers questions before introducing his then-current single from Climate Of Hunter (Virgin's worst selling album ever, by all accounts). Muriel Gray, who's usually pretty reliable, seems not to have done her homework, and appears unaware that the former Mr. Engel had any sort of career between 1968 and 1986.

Climate must be the one of the few records to feature both Billy Ocean and Mark Knopfler among its alumni; curious, too, that he rejected Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois as album producers, according to this interview in The Wire.

One other thing: he's quite similar to GG, below; a former pin-up who wants to distance himself from his past, painted as a recluse by the press (though Scott's been busy producing Pulp and scoring movie soundtracks, while Green's been working with Kylie Minogue and single-handedly keeping the pubs of North and East London profitable), given to long absences from the music biz, always feted in the pages of the music press and the broadsheets on his return, and usually selling naff all. Never mind, eh. Roll on 2013, which is probably the earliest point at which we can expect any new product from either of them.

Buy The Drift.

More Scott here.

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